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Htoo Foundation donated an Ultra Sound machine and a Diathermy machine for the 100 bedded hospital at Bogalay, Ayeyarwaddy Division on 18.8.2013. The donation was accepted by Acting MS Dr Daw Khine Than Hla, she expressed words of thanks and said that Surgeons at Bogalay hospital had to clamp or tie up blood veins during operations, but now as Htoo Foundation has donated the Diathermy apparatus Surgeons can do their operations quickly and without worry for unnecessary loss of blood. As the Ultra sound machine was out of order, the patients had to travel to Phyar Pon to have ultra sound checks, but now the citizens of Bogalay and nearby villages can be diagnosed at Bogalay Hospital and make things convenient for the Patients and the Consulting Doctors. Htoo Foundation shares the merits of the Ultra sound and Diathermy machines to Bogalay Hospital.


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