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''Htoo Foundation's Boarding House for Education'' in Putao inaugurated.

Starting from 2009-2010 up to 2011-2012 acedamic year Htoo Foundation has been sending schoolteachers from Yangon to Putao to teach students at ''Htoo Foundation's Boarding House for Free Education''.

putao_boarding_schoolIn the present 2012-2013 acedamic yaer, ''Htoo Foundation's Boarding House for Free Education'' was reopend on 16 July 2012 with the objectives of providing peaceful learning for students from remote area around Putao and to turn out outstanding students who will someday return to their home and work for the development of their homeland. The students admitted to "Htoo Foundation's Boarding House for Free Education" are those who passed the entrance examination staged by Htoo Foundation. Free lodging is provided for students coming from far-off villages and day classes arranged for students from Putao.

putao_schoolAlthough it was initially arranged to admit only 40 boarding students and 90 day students, 50 boarding students and 100 day students were eventually admitted to satisfy the community's requirement. There are 46 boarding students and 82 day students enrolled as at 20 July 2012. A Headmaster to supervise the school, six full-time teaching staff and a local assistant teacher to help in evening study sessions are appointed. Free food and lodging are provided for boarding students while books and stationeries are made available for all students.


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