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Wednesday, 11 October 2017 10:49

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All students who are schooling at the HTOO Free Boarding School which is established by the HTOO Foundation in Putao Townships, Kachin State, are going to sit for the first pre-examinations for 2017-2018 academic years, from October 23rd to 28th, 2017.

It is first pre-examinations of HTOO Free Boarding School which will be held in October and so Headmaster made briefing the guidelines of examinations to the students to fully comprehend during school assembly.

The second and third pre-examinations will be held in third week of coming December and last week of January respectively.

The above mentioned pre-examinations will be held in accordance with government regulations of matriculation examinations in order that the students can have been well prepared to overcome the final barrier, matriculation examinations.

During the 2017-2018 academic years, there are totally one hundred students at HTOO Free Boarding School.

Among those, 44 are day students and the rests are boarding. Also in this academic year, the teachers of the HTOO Free Boarding School are working hard with their great efforts, volition and compassion so that the students can be passed the exam with flying color.

The HTOO Foundation built the Free Boarding School for several students who live both downtown and the remote area of the region to go school hard to be convenient.

Moreover, there is also a computer lab for the students who are schooling at the free boarder to be in touch with modern technology. Not only these, the daily meals for students are provided by the HTOO Foundation. Apart from this, the doctors of the foundation are looking after the students there by seeing them weekly.

On behalf of these students, the HTOO Foundation would like to express profound thanks patron of the foundation, U Tay Za who is providing all necessities to do the charitable tasks by the foundation. Furthermore, we, the foundation, would like to express our proud that we can, as much possible, participate in a task which aims to promote the education level of students who live at remote area of the country.


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