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health_putao04Sitagu Buddhist Missionary Group and Htoo Foundation collaborated in a programme for the examination and treatment of eye diseases at the District Hospital in Putao from 5 to 7 November 2011. An advance team was dispatched to Putao and the SitaguSayadaw accompanied by other members arrived in Putao by air on 5 November 2011. Air Baganprovided free transport for the group.  SitaguSayadaw, a team of nine doctors from both overseas and local, fourteen nurses and helpers, medical superintendent and doctors at Putao District Hospital, personnel of Htoo Foundation and a team from MRTV-4 joined forces in the programme.

health_putao05A total of 800 patients were given free eye examination and treatment among which 92 patients regained vision after being given free eye operations. Htoo Foundation arranged food, lodging and transport for SitaguSayadaw and group at Malikha hotel in Mulasheedi village. Sitagu Sayadaw and group arrived back in Yangon on 8 November 2011.

health_putao05Htoo Foundation bore part of the expenses for medical supplies and provided transport and three meals a day for patients and their attendants coming from far-off places. Htoo Foundation expended over Kyat 40,000,000 in donation for the implementation of this programme. SitaguSayadaw donated an oxygen concentrator, a monitoring system, two operation tables, a unit of light source while Htoo Foundation donated a well, a generator complete with distribution box, an air-conditioner, mattresses, pillows, blankets and fuel oil to run the generator in case of emergency treatment.


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