Htoo Foundation’s Donation For Myanmar Buddhists Oversea

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MyanmarÂÂ Buddhists living at Chaing Mai, Thailand pays homage at Wat
Sai Moon and does their deeds for their Religious merits and ceremonies.
Sidagu Sayardaw arranged for a Myanmar Monk to preside at the Monestary.
Htoo Foudation arranged a Chartered flight for Sidagu Sayardaw Shin
Nyanaiththara and party’s travel to Chaing Mai on 20th August 2013.Htoo
Foundation shares the merits of arranging the Chartered Flight.
Wat Wai Sai Moon,located at Chaing Mai, Northern Thailand is a Buddhist
Monastery used for Religious deeds by minority Myanmar's living in Northern
Thailand, under the guidance of the Vulnerable Sayar Daw's teachings, the

minority Myanmars' had their spiritual elevations.
At a certain period Thai Monks took over the Monastery,and Myanmars' tried in
various ways but unable to retain the monastery.
Minority Myanmars' contacted the Religious leaders from Myanmar and our
religious Hero Sayardaw Ashin Sinkaenda flew to Chaing Mai and solved the
Now the Historical Monastery is back under the administration of Myanmar

Htoo Foundation acknowledges and appreciates Air Bagan for its continuous
support to Htoo Foundation’s CSR efforts and would like to emphasize the
Chartered flight arranged for Ashin Sakainda who travelled to Chaing Mai in
March 2013 to sort the disputed Presiding Abbots position at Wat Sai Moon.

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